Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair

kitchen equipment repair

Service Overview

At Sergetech we specialize in commercial kitchen equipment repair service for hotels, restaurants, food outlets, entertainment centers, cafeteria, and any facility that offers food to their customers.

We understand that to run your food service business daily, this equipment are essential and keeping them in good working condition is essential for your business. Its functioning can also impact your and your customer’s health, safety, and happiness.

Our commercial kitchen equipment repair services include repair of microwave, ovens and any equipment that are used to prepare food.

By being more cautious and ensuring a preventative maintenance schedule for your microwaves, and ovens and getting relevant repairs when you see the first sign of a problem, a lot of unnecessary repairs or premature replacements can be avoided.

Some of the common commercial kitchen equipment repair we do for Microwave or oven are

If you see any of these problems, call us immediately. Don’t delay it as the longer you leave it, the more it could cost you, finally!